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Υποτροφίες για διδακτορικούς φοιτητές -τριες (Αberdeen, Sussex, UK) Νοέμβριος 7, 2014

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The Philosophy department at the University of Aberdeen welcomes expressions of interest and applications to its PhD programme.


Philosophy at Aberdeen is a lively department with research strengths in a number of areas including Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Philosophical Logic and History of Philosophy. PhD students benefit from regular colloquia, seminars, and conferences, PhD work in progress seminars, travel funding, and office space on campus. The PhD may also be undertaken by distance learning.


**Funding opportunities **

The department can support applications for AHRC PhD studentships through the Scottish Graduate School in Arts and Humanities, and for Carnegie/ Caledonian PhD studentships . Please follow the links and/or contact us for details.


Areas of supervision include:


Philosophy of Science (including Philosophy of Physics and Philosophy of Biology)

History of Philosophy (17th-20th century)


Philosophical Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics


Continental Philosophy


See this page for more details: http://www.abdn.ac.uk/sdhp/philosophy/phd-supervision-397.php


For more information about the PhD programme start here: http://www.abdn.ac.uk/sdhp/courses/phd.php


We welcome informal inquiries and we are happy to talk over your research area/proposal and funding opportunities in advance. Please contact Postgraduate Coordinator Dr. Beth Lord in the first instance: s.b.lord@abdn.ac.uk


The University of Sussex is a member of the CHASE 
Doctoral Training Partnership with the Arts and 
Humanities Research Council, which funds up to 
75 doctoral studentships per year. 
Awards are now available for September 2015 entry. 
We encourage talented Philosophers to apply. 

For details of faculty research expertise 
and specialisation, please see: 


Applications to study for a PhD at Sussex *must* 
be received by the 14th of January 2015. 
For information concerning the amount of the award,
the timetable and procedures for application at 
the University of Sussex,
please visit our website: 

Candidates can apply for CHASE-AHRC funding only
once they have been offered a place at Sussex. 
Once this condition is fulfilled, 
candidates will be sent a link to the CHASE 
application home page (with a login and a password): 
The deadline for the CHASE application 
is the 2nd of February 2015.

CHASE is the Consortium for the Humanities 
and the Arts Southeast England. 
The consortium aims to:
 * Support world-class researchers in 
the understanding of human culture and creativity
 * Engage with employers and develop partnerships 
to encourage creativity and innovation 
and to secure funding
 * Raise the national and international profile 
of the Universities. For more information 
about CHASE and our partner institutions, 
please see http://www.chase.ac.uk/
Co-supervision with other Philosophers within
CHASE, which includes the Universities of 
East Anglia, Essex, Kent, 
the Courtauld Institute of Art, the Open University, 
and Goldsmiths University of London, is possible.

Dr Katerina Deligiorgi
Arts A 27
Department of Philosophy
School of History, Art History, and Philosophy
University of Sussex

Hegel Bulletin

The Scope of Autonomy
Kant and the Morality of Freedom
Katerina Deligiorgi
Available through all good bookshops, 
or direct from Oxford University Press at: 


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