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Υποτροφίες για διδακτορικές σπουδές στην Γλάσκώβη (ΜΒΡΕΤΑΝΙΑ) Νοέμβριος 3, 2014

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PhD Studentships in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow, 2015-16

Philosophy at the University of Glasgow is pleased to invite applications for PhD studentships, through its involvement in the AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership Scotland. We welcome particularly research proposals which relate to our research strengths in the following areas: moral and political philosophy, philosophy of logic and language, philosophy of mind and perception, metaphysics, history of analytic philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of religion and the Scottish Enlightenment.

Studentships are available to applicants living in the UK and the European Union. Applications for interdisciplinary projects are also very welcome. For full details, please visit www.sgsah.ac.uk

In addition, the College of Arts will offer a number of scholarships for PhD study in 2015. These scholarships are open to UK/EU and International applicants.

The deadline for all scholarship applications is Wednesday, 7 January 2015. To be considered for an award, candidates must have applied to study at the University of Glasgow and have provided two academic references through the university’s application system.

Further details can be found at http://www.gla.ac.uk/colleges/arts/graduateschool/fundingopportunities/

For further enquiries, please contact the Postgraduate Convenor, Professor Fraser MacBride, fraser.macbride@glasgow.ac.uk


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