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Συνέδριο Αρχαίας Φιλοσοφίας για νέες ερευνήτριες (λήψη διδακτορικού: τελευταία 5 έτη) (Βερολίνο) 6 Οκτωβρίου, 2014

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Ancient Philosophy Workshop for Female Graduate Students and Early Career Researchers

We invite submissions by female graduate students and early career researchers (within five years of completion of PhD) for the Ancient Philosophy Workshop to be held on 1.-2. 12. 2014 at the Humboldt University Berlin. This workshop is sponsored by the Research Training Group: Philosophy, Science and the Sciences of the Humboldt University Berlin. Our goal is to provide young and highly talented female philosophers with the opportunity to present their work and interact with each other.

Papers should be about 5000 words long, and can be on any topic in Ancient philosophy. Papers will be blind-reviewed. Format of the workshop: this is a pre-read conference; sessions last 75 minutes (15 minutes summary of the paper + 60 minutes discussion). Accommodation and meals will be covered for all speakers.

Keynote Speaker:

Barbara Sattler (University of St Andrews)
The submission deadline is: 1st November 2014.

Please send the following to Ana Laura Edelhoff (ana.laura.edelhoff@hu-berlin.de) in .pdf format:

(1) A cover letter that contains (a) the author’s name, (b) institutional affiliation, (c) contact information, (d) the title of the paper, (e) a word count;

(2) The paper itself (around 5000 words), including the title and a short abstract (no more than 250 words), with no information identifying the author or the author’s institutional affiliation.

Notification of acceptance/rejection will be sent out by the end of the first week of November.

Please contact us with any questions: Ana Laura Edelhoff (ana.laura.edelhoff@hu-berlin.de) or Bettina Bohle (bettina.bohle@hu-berlin.de).
Affiliated Research Projects:
Research Training Group: Philosophy, Science and the Sciences
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Graduate Program in Ancient Philosophy
Hannoversche Str. 6
10115 Berlin


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