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Center for Digital Philosophy: Iστότοπος με ψηφιακές εφαρμογές για την φιλοσοφική έρευνα (University of Western Ontario) Σεπτεμβρίου 11, 2013

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We are glad to announce the official launch of the Centre for Digital Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario. The Centre will be based in the Department of Philosophy at Western. David Bourget will head the Centre. David Chalmers will be associate director.

CDP will advance research and education in philosophy through digital means. In particular, it will continue the development of PhilPapers, PhilEvents, PhilJobs, and other Phil* projects we have initiated. CDP will also support projects that aim to advance our understanding of philosophy and philosophical problems through technology or technology-centric methods. There are possibilities for PhD studentships and postdocs for individuals pursuing relevant research. The Centre also needs Perl and Groovy programmers.

CDP’s initial partners include the American Philosophical Association, the Rotman Institute of Philosophy, the Institute of Philosophy at the University of London, the Australian National University, and other units at Western.

For more information, please visit the Centre’s web page:


Please note that access to PhilPapers may be briefly disrupted in the coming days as we move our operations to new servers at Western. We appreciate your patience.

David Bourget
David Chalmers

Co-Directors, PhilPapers



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