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Υποτροφία για μεταδιδακτορική έρευνα: Ποίηση και Φιλοσοφία στους πλατωνικούς διαλόγους (Παν/μιο Bergen, Νορβηγία) Απρίλιος 30, 2013

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At the Department of Philosophy there is a vacancy of one Post Doctor Fellowship, for two
years. The starting date for the fellowship is 1 November 2013.

Qualification requirements
Applicants must have completed the equivalent of a Norwegian PhD degree in ancient
philosophy, with special emphasis on the philosophy of Plato.

It is possible to apply for the position before the PhD thesis is defended, although it will be a
requirement that the thesis is submitted for evaluation before the application deadline for this
position. The thesis must be officially approved before appointment can be made.

The main criteria for the assessment and appointment will – in addition to the relevance and
significance for the Poetry and Philosophy project as a whole – be the academic quality of the
applicants and their projects.

About the position
The applicant’s project must relate directly to central problems in Poetry and Philosophy and
should focus on one or several of the following subjects:
– The philosophical character(s) constructed in the dialogues of Plato
– The philosophical argumentation in the dialogues of Plato, in relation to the literary nature
of his dialogues
– The relation between Plato’s dialogues and “mimetic” literature

One may learn something about the Poetry and Philosophy Project here:



The successful applicant will be expected to relocate to the University of Bergen and
participate actively and frequent in the research group for ancient philosophy at the
department, and otherwise conform to the regulations that apply to the position.

The salary will be in accordance with level 57 (Code 1352/LR24) on the Norwegian
government salary scale, currently NOK 468 100 p.a. A compulsory 2 % contribution to the
State pension Fund (Statens pensjonskasse) will be deducted from the gross salary.

Additional information
Further information about the fellowship can be obtained from leader of the project Vigdis
Songe-Møller on telephone + 47 55 58 23 87 or e-mail vigdis.songe-moller@fof.uib.no
Female candidates are encouraged to apply. If several applicants are equally qualified for the
position, the rules in the Personnel Regulations for gender quotas for scientific positions will
be applied.

State employment shall reflect the multiplicity of the population at large to the highest
possible degree. We have therefore adopted a personnel policy objective to ensure that we
achieve a balanced age and sex composition and the recruitment of persons of various ethnic
backgrounds. Persons of different ethnic backgrounds are therefore encouraged to apply for
the position.

The University of Bergen applies the principles of public openness when recruiting staff to
scientific positions. Information about the applicant may be made public even when the
applicant has requested not to be named in the list of applicants. In such cases the applicants
will be notified.

The best applicants will be invited to an interview before the final recommendation. They
may also be asked to give a trial lecture.


The following must be attached to the application:
1. Dissertation proposal, maximum 5 pages
2. A time schedule for the completion of the project
3. A bibliography connected to the planned research project
4. A short summary of the PhD thesis, maximum 5 pages
5. Copies of higher education certificates and diplomas relevant for the application
(scanned versions)
6. List of scientific publications
7. A selection of scientific papers, maximum 5

The enclosures can be submitted as Word- or pdf-files.
Copies of academic publications (if any), higher education certificates and diplomas must be
accompanied by a translation into English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish if not written in
any of these languages.

Academic publications (if any) should be sent in triplicate, fully inventoried and sorted into 3
identical bundles, by ordinary mail to the university of Bergen, Department of Philosophy,
P.O. Box 7805, N-5020 Bergen, Norway.
Deadline for application: 20 May 2013
Reference no: 13/2068

Note the deadline for application: May 20.



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