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SuchthatCast: podcast συζητήσεων-συνεντεύξεων μεταξύ φιλοσόφων για φιλοσοφικά και μη ερωτήματα Απρίλιος 3, 2013

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SuchThatCast – Philosophers’ Podcast has now reached episode 8, and features the following free-form conversations with some of the most interesting and influential philosophers of today:

Episode 8: John Sutton (Macquarie University)

Episode 7: David Koepsell (Delft University)

Episode 6: Michael Boylan (Marymount University)

Episode 5: Peter Asaro (New school, New York)

Episode 4: Noel Sharkey (University  of Sheffield)

Episode 3: J.D. Trout (Loyola University, Chicago)

Episode 2: Wendell Wallach (Yale University)

Episode 1: Luciano Floridi (University of Hertfordshire, Oxford University)

New conversations are added regularly (about 1 per month) and you can download all episodes for free from SuchThatCast.com (or do a search for ‘SuchThatCast’ in your favourite podcast application, such as iTunes or Stitcher). If you want to be notified about new episodes, simply like www.facebook.com/suchthatcast and/or follow twitter.com/SuchThatCast

Kind regards,

Johnny Soraker (Producer/host)


FACEBOOK.com/metus; TWITTER.com/metus; LINKEDIN.com/in/metus

SuchThatCast – Philosophers’ Podcast: http://www.SuchThatCast.com



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