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Υποτροφίες για διδάκτορες (Παν/μιο της Ουτρέχτης, Ολλανδία) Μαρτίου 5, 2013

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3 PhD Researchers «Thinking classified: Structuring the world of ideas around 1800»

Job description
The positions are part of the research project ‘Thinking classified: Structuring the world of ideas around 1800”. This five year’s research project, funded by NWO (the “Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research”), investigates the emergence and function of large-scale labels such as “realism” or “empiricism” around 1800. The period around 1800, and in particular the impact of Kant’s philosophy and the reception of Kant’s ideas, were crucial in structuring our way of thinking about philosophy and the sciences. The idea that philosophy forms an overarching framework that can be subdivided into various types of philosophy – such as “realism”, “idealism”, or “empiricism” – was shaped by Kant, and in the aftermath of Kant’s philosophy. The same holds for our way of structuring the realm of “science”: “Science” becomes a generic concept that needs to be related to a large number of “sciences”. The project will investigate these processes via a cooperation between philosophers and historians of science. 

The project explicitly aims at broadening our understanding of the period around 1800: the Realist movement of this period (Jacobi, Herder, etc.) will be included, as will be the various types of interpretations of Kant’s philosophy. The international dynamics in the reception of Kant will be part of the project’s research activities. 

A research group, consisting of a number of PhD-researchers and a Postdoc, together with the project leader, Prof. dr. P.G. Ziche, will investigate these processes at the intersection between the (history of) philosophy and the history of science. Each researcher in the group will work on a specific theme within the overall programme; close cooperation between the members of the group is expected. The PhD-projects will deal with the Realists’ movement around 1800, with the notions of “experience” and “empiricism” in this period, and with the empiricist interpretations of Kant’s philosophy. Within the general description of these sub-projects (for more details, see the full text of the proposal), candidates are free to further specify their research questions.

We are looking for three talented and dedicated young researchers with a background in (the history of) philosophy or in the history of science, who are willing to work in an active team. Acquaintance with the relevant philosophical or scientific developments in the 18th and early 19th century and the ability to study the relevant sources in the original languages are required, as is fluency in English.
We offer you a 12-month fulltime position with – at good performance – the prospect of an extension with a maximum of 36 months (in total 4 years fulltime).

The gross salary is in the range between € 2,062.- and maximum € 2,638.- gross per month.
The salary is supplemented with a holiday bonus of 8% and an end-of-year bonus of 8,3% per year. In addition we offer: a pension scheme, a partially paid parental leave, flexible employment conditions. Conditions are based on the Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities.

About the organisation
Utrecht University is one of the largest and most prominent universities in Europe. The Faculty of Humanities, with nearly 7.000 students and 900 staff members, offers an inspiring and dynamic working environment. Our research and education programmes focus on language, culture, history, arts, literature, media, philosophy and theology. Our strongest points are interdisciplinary and international collaboration, excellent quality of research and education, and the use of modern media. The Utrecht University Graduate School of Humanities guarantees an outstanding quality of education programmes for Research Master students as well as PhD students.
Additional information
The full text of the proposal can be downloaded from: www.uu.nl/gw/medewerkers/PGZiche

For further questions please contact Ms. Suzanne van Vliet, Secretary of the Department of Philosophy, email S.vanVliet@uu.nl.

Applications should contain (i) an application letter (max. 1 page), (ii) a curriculum vitae, (iii) an outline that shows how you would fill in your project – within one of the sub-projects specified in the research proposal – and position within the overall programme (max. 2 pages).

You can apply via the link below.

Apply until


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