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Υποτροφίες για μεταπτυχιακες σπουδές στη φιλοσοφία (Keele University, UK) Ιανουαρίου 31, 2013

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Keele University is advertising a series of postgraduate funding opportunities and applications in Philosophy are invited.

The Keele Forum for Philosophical Research is placed in the Research Centre for SPIRE (School of Politics, Philosophy, International Relations and the Environment), which is part of the Research Institute for Social Sciences. For more information, please see:

We have research strengths in all the main areas of Philosophy, with particular expertise in the following areas: Kantian philosophy (all aspects); Philosophy of mind and action; history of philosophy; political philosophy; environmental philosophy; metaphilosophy; metaphysics; moral philosophy, in particular normative ethics and metaethics. The Forum for Philosophical Research is a main centre for the activities of the UK Kant Society and of the Kantian Standing Group of the European Consortium for Political Research.

Postgraduate Studies:
In general, there are several options for postgraduate studies in Philosophy at Keele:
– MRes, MPhil and PhD in Philosophy;
– MA in Human Rights, Globalisation and Justice.

The MRes is a combination of taught- and research-based modules. The MPhil is a one-year research degree with an element of research training which will enable students to write an extensive thesis on a topic of their choice. The MA in Human Rights, Globalisation and Justice is a taught MA. The MRes, MPhil and MA can be taken either for their own sake or as a basis for a PhD.

The postgraduate degrees are designed to be closely tailored to the students’ research interests. Those students wishing to undertake an MPhil or a PhD can contact the Research Institute for Social Sciences (PG Administrator, Helen Farrell: h.farrell@ilpj.keele.ac.uk) for advice on studentships. Funding will also be available for those studying for an MA – please contact SPIRE’s PG Administrator (Kathryn Ainsworth: k.s.ainsworth@pol.keele.ac.uk).

About Keele:
Philosophy at Keele offers a lively and friendly research environment with a strong and growing postgraduate community. Postgraduate students at all levels are encouraged to attend the activities organised by the Keele Forum for Philosophical Research. These include the Keele Forum for Philosophical Research ‘Jean-Jacques Rousseau’ Annual Lecture and Conference, the Royal Institute of Philosophy Invited Lectures, Postgraduate Research Seminars, reading groups, special lectures and other events organised by the Research Centre for SPIRE.

There is also a thriving student-led Philosophy Society who hold regular debates and film screenings. All postgraduate students are part of the Research Institutes for Humanities and Social Sciences, and benefit from their facilities, including a new dedicated research building.

Further Information:
For further information, see: www.keele.ac.uk/pgresearch contact Dr Giuseppina D’Oro, g.d’oro@keele.ac.uk  or simply reply to this email.

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