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Υποτροφίες διδακτόρων από το Πανεπιστήμιο του Νόττινγχαμ (Φιλοσοφία) Ιανουαρίου 11, 2013

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University of Nottingham - Funded Studentships for PhDs in Philosophy


The department of philosophy has one AHRC Doctoral Studentship to award to PhD applicants starting 
from September 2013. The Studentship pays UK/EU fees and a maintenance grant (for up to three years 
full-time at approximately £13,726 per annum, and up to five years part-time at approximately £6,863).

In addition, the School of Humanities has PhD Studentships to award to full-time students starting in 
September 2013. Each studentship pays UK/EU fees and a maintenance grant (at approximately £13,726 per annum
 for three years).

More information on the studentships can be found here:


The deadline for receipt of funding applications is 12.00 noon Friday 1 March 2013. You must be holding 
an offer of a place to study in order to be eligible to apply for studentship funding.

***Studying at Nottingham***

Nottingham's Department of Philosophy has a thriving and friendly postgraduate community. 
We host weekly research seminars, a postgraduate seminar, a work-in-progress seminar and various reading groups.
 The department is housed in a new, purpose-built building on the University's beautiful landscaped campus.

Nottingham is ranked highly amongst UK universities in the 2011 Philosophical Gourmet report
 (http://www.philosophicalgourmet.com/), particularly in Philosophy of Art (=3rd in the UK), 
Metaphysics (=4th), Philosophy of Language (=4th), Mathematical logic (=4th) and History of Analytical Philosophy

***The PhD course***

We are able to offer research supervision in a wide variety of areas, including

Mathematical Logic
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Mind

For a list of suggested particular topics, and topics on which we are currently supervising, 
see http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/philosophy/prospective/postgraduate/research-degrees/research-supervision.aspx.
 You can browse a list of our current postgrad students, and see what they are working on, here:

***Further Information***

More information about the PhD programme is available here:


Applications can be made online, here:



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