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Θέσεις υποτρόφων διδακτόρων φιλοσοφίας (Παν/μιο Durham, UK) Δεκέμβριος 17, 2012

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The department of philosophy at Durham University will award two fully funded AHRC PhD 
studentships (fees+maintenance) in the 2013-14 cycle. We will consider eligible candidates in any 
field of Philosophy that complements the expertise of our staff. For general information about the 
department, please see https://www.dur.ac.uk/philosophy/. For staff interests, see: 
https://www.dur.ac.uk/philosophy/staff/. The deadline to be considered for funding is 18th 
February 2013. For further information on projects we are able to accommodate, and all other 
aspects of your application, we recommend to contact our Director of Postgraduate Research, 
Professor Wolfram Hinzen, at wolfram.hinzen@dur.ac.uk, before this deadline.

We will award two further fully funded studentships associated with a new centre, concerned with 
science and policy issues, which will be based around the work of Professors Cartwright and Reiss. 
For further information, please contact them at nancy.cartwright@durham.ac.uk and 

Two further awards will be associated with a major Templeton-funded project on emergence 
directed by Dr. Robin Hendry, in relation to physics and philosophy of mind. Details will be 
announced shortly. Please contact robin.hendry@durham.ac.uk for further information.

There will also be a number of Faculty-wide Durham Doctoral Scholarships, for projects in any area 
that the department is able to accommodate. These are funded at the same rate as AHRC 
studentship and cover the full cost of the fee at both EU and non-EU rates. If you wish to be 
considered for one of these and/or for an AHRC award, please make this clear in your application. 
The deadline to be considered for funding for these studentships is the same as the one above.

Our graduate community in philosophy at Durham is one of the largest in the UK. Our mission of 
postgraduate education includes a strong emphasis on career development and teaching 
opportunities from the second year of the PhD onwards. With very high levels of grant funding in this 
department, many of our students are integrated into major collaborative research projects. Our 
postgraduate philosophy society runs weekly student-led seminars, a graduate philosophy journal, 
and a number of weekly reading groups. Your PhD curriculum will include yearly PhD workshops, 
progress reviews, and opportunities for attending and/or organizing numerous workshops and 
seminars. The department also offers travel bursaries for attending conferences and other research 
purposes elsewhere.

Further information on the application process can be found here: 
You can also contact our postgraduate secretary, Jonathon Gilderoy, at 


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