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Υποτροφίες Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships Παν/μιο του Nottingham Ιανουαρίου 24, 2012

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The Department of Philosophy and the Centre for Advanced Studies at Nottingham will support, through financial contribution and mentoring of the application, a candidate  for the Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships scheme.

For details of the Scheme see


The deadline for applications to be submitted online via the Leverhulme Grant Application System is 4.00pm on 8th March 2012.

There is an internal process prior to that, designed to strengthen an application, with deadlines as follows:

9th February 2012 first drafts to be submitted;

1st March 2012 final versions, prior to submission to Leverhulme

The Department invites expressions of interest from candidates whose work coheres with departmental strengths in:

·         Aesthetics and the philosophy of art, especially where these issues connect with psychology and the philosophy of mind

·         Ethics, meta ethics, and the application of ethical ideas to policy issues

·         Metaphysics and the Philosophy of the Sciences

·         Mind and language

·         Epistemology

Expressions of interest should consist of

1.    CV;

2.    Brief statement of eligibility;

3.    Two-page outline of research project based on the Leverhulme guidelines and including: aims, objectives, methodology

and outcome (e.g. publication plans).

This should be sent as an email attachment to

Professor Gregory Currie

Director of Research

Department of Philosophy


And should arrive no later than Friday February 3rd.

If the Department will support your application you will be informed by Monday February 6th.

Informal inquires are welcome and should be directed to Greg Currie at the above email address.



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