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Υποτροφίες για διδακτορικούς φοιτητές Παν/μιο East Anglia Ιανουαρίου 24, 2012

Posted by estasinos in Μεταπτυχιακά, Υποτροφίες.

The University of East Anglia welcomes applications to its PhD programme.

The School of Philosophy at UEA is a vibrant international research community with highly distinctive research strengths, including innovative, interdisciplinary fields (philosophy of the arts, philosophy of nature and the environment, philosophy of linguistics, metaphilosophy) as well as fundamental traditions in Western thought (Greek philosophy, Kant, the Wittgensteinian tradition).

There are up to 13 studentships available:

• 1 AHRC Studentship – available to UK or EU PhD applicants to the School of Philosophy
• 2 University Studentships – available to any PhD applicant to the School of Philosophy
• 10 Faculty Studentships – available to any PhD applicant to any of the faculty’s nine Schools

In order to be considered for a studentship, your application must be received by 17 February 2012.

For further information, please visit the website (http://www.uea.ac.uk/phi/postgraduatescholarships/phd-funding) or contact the Postgraduate Research Director, Dr Angela Breitenbach (A.Breitenbach@uea.ac.uk).



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